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Important Information

We are completely supported by individual, freewill tax-deductible donations.

This is our only fund raiser.  We would appreciate your help, to help others.  The cost of postage is included in the price of the books. These prices are forthe United States only.  One hundred percent of the proceeds from these books is spent to supply free literature to prison inmates

Note:  All Books are new (not used). We have averaged orders of only four books per month, with a donation for almost four decades. We would have to “sell” one thousand books a month to realize enough profit to just pay the postage costs of the free literature we send out!  We would appreciate your help. We have given away these books and over 200 other titles by the hundreds of thousands free to prison chaplains and prison inmates. Now some are marked down less than I paid for them myself. You can send for a free subscription for our 24 page newsletter to see “What we do.”

Why Do We Offer These Books?

It is painfully obvious that the average American Christian is ignorant of the Bible on many fundamental issues, as well as false religions. I cannot afford to just buy expensive books and give them away to everyone. So these books are offered to people who can afford them and want to know the truth so they won’t be deceived by cults or false teachers in the church. I cannot tell you how many people contact me after their relative or friend got deceived by a cult or false TV evangelist. It’s too late then, you need to know how to prove these people wrong before your loved ones get deceived and throw their money away to make preachers rich, or get brain washed by cults or false teachings. That is the purpose of these book and video offers.

There is another reason these books are offered. I have printed “hot potato” articles such as “Speaking In Tongues” or my reasons for “rejecting Calvinism.” The responses I received in regards to these articles display total ignorance. The church in general does not even know why they believe what they do. I offer both sides of many secondary issues (such as different views on “End-Times”). So Christians can at least get a balanced view and avoid sensationalist false prophets’ books.

I believe knowledge, not emotional pep-rallies, will destroy the ignorance which separates Christians. We can have different views on some doctrines. Some doctrines however are non-negotiable and the average American Christian does not know the difference between essential Christian doctrine and secondary issues we can disagree on.

If you are looking for books that teach you how to get away with all the sin you can and still get to heaven; or How to get all you can get from God for yourself; or How to never experience persecution or tribulation and still be a Christian — you have come to the wrong place! You can find those kind of books in religious book stores or watch “Christian Television.” (Christian T.V. is 90% spiritual junk, and that’s being generous to Christian T.V.)

For additional information on the content of any of the books listed above contact us.

We pay shipping charges on all books or videos shipped in the U.S. only!

Postage outside the U.S. is at cost.  Please e-mail us for exact cost of foreign mailing.

HOW TO ORDER:   For any of these offers send a check or money order (U.S. currency-We do not accept credit cards) with your request to:

Jesus People Information Center
4338 Third Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95817Phone: (916) 456-9085

e-mail:  jesuspeoplemin[at]sbcglobal[dot]net

Thank you.

Tom Adcock, Jesus People Ministry.