Messages To Christians

A Christian Message from Inside New Folsom Prison – The Prisoner’s Guide to Spiritual Wellness by Dennis ‘Kenika’ Sierra

A short study on How To Witness to a Jehovah’s Witness by Jean Carlson

Heresy Hunters  by Tom Adcock (from Jesus People Newsletter, Volume 36, Issue 2) 

The New Anointing — What Is It? Excerpt from Mending the Nets–Themes from First John by Assembly of God Pastor, Bill Randles 

Modern Myths About Satan And Spiritual Warfare By David Servant 

Things That Should “Go Without Saying” by Tom Adcock (From Jesus People Newsletter Vol. 32, issue 2)

Tithing Is Not A Christian Doctrine An Essay by Russell Earl Kelly, Ph.D. (See Our Newsletter Section, Vol. 36, Issue 1. Pages 4-8)

Our Ministry’s Financial Policy 

What Is A Healthy Well-Balanced Church? 

Winning Souls With Tracts

The Gay Gene??

Answering a Homosexual Argument

Letter to the Homosexual by Tom Adcock

The Jesus Manifesto – A Call to Revolution


Editor Speaks Out by Tom Adcock

Timely Words from Vance Havner

The Town of Fools and Fishermen by Tom Adcock

Holiness Is Not Legalism

Before You Get a Divorce