Church History

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Church History

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The Complete Works of Josephus – History of the Time of Christ.  Buy this and read Josephus’ section the “War of the Jews” and you will know what happened in 70 A.D. Compare it to the words of Jesus in the synoptic gospels and judge for yourself what the great tribulation is,  so you won’t waste money on end-time Christian fiction. Also Jewish history on Bible, generally.  Hardback (1,149 pages)


A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs   by Early Church Fathers.  700 subjects discussed.  Hardcover (704 pages)


 Early Christian Doctrines   by J.N.D. Kelly. This book will explain what Christians before Constantine believed and why. It will explain how we came to have our Old and New Testament Bible Canon, and why other “gospels” were rejected. (511 pages) (70% off)


A Dictionary of Early Christian Biography   A reference guide to over 800 Christian men and women, heretics and sects of the first six centuries after Christ.  Hardcover  (1,028 pages)  One of the best books on Church History!


 The Religious Fringe   by Richard Kyle. America–the land of the free–has from its earliest days spawned and nurtured a wide range of new or alternative religions. Often veering from traditional roots or seeking to find their way back toward the center, these religious fringe groups have a fascinating story long overlooked in many treatments of American history. Richard Kyle here traces the origins and development of alternative religions, showing their influence on American culture. Previous books have focused on sociological analysis or theological evaluation of these groups that are often put under the headings of cults or the occult. Kyle instead focuses on historical description of what these groups believe and practice, and what conditions allow them to flourish. (467 pages). (50% off)


Eusebius Ecclesiastical History   History of the first three centuries of Christianity (over 500 pages)


 Religious Affections   by Jonathan Edwards. The historical account of what went on at his revivals. Hardcover collectors edition. (319 pages)   (30% off)


Jesus the Messiah   by Edersheim. The classic story of the Life of Jesus. Hardback (1,096 pages)   An excellent book.  The real history of Jesus.  (25% off)


 Jesus Freaks   by D.C. Talk and the Voice of the Martyrs. True stories of some who have suffered and died for Jesus Christ. (368 pages) (65% off)