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Muslim by Hank Hanegraaff.  Hardcover  A brand new 2017 publication (293 pages)


The Qur’an in English — by Usama K. Dakdok.


The Qur’an in English — by Abdullall Yusaf Ali.  Hardcover.


Answering Islam by Norman Geisler and Abdul Salecb. (336 pages)


Who Is This Allah? by G. O. Moshay. The Author is a Nigerian Christian. Excellent information. This book shows us the three steps of “Muslim evangelism” — It is now in stage two in America. (183 pages) (50% off)


The Trinity by E. H. Bickersteth. The classic book on the Trinity. A good reference book. (182 pages) (10% off)


The Complete Bible In Arabic