We are a Christian Apologetic Ministry: We expose religious 
cults, and false prophets and false teachings within the 
Christian Church. 

We are a Prison Ministry: On written request, we provide 
free Bibles and Christian books to anyone who is in jail 
or prison. We also supply free Christian books and literature
to prison chaplains as our book and Bible supply is available.

We are a Street Ministry: We pass out Christian literature 
anywhere we find large gatherings of people. We preach on 
the street corners. We supply tracts to others at our cost 
and many times for free.

We are a World Wide Web Ministry: Reaching out to all those 
in search of the truth.
Jesus People Book Club
Join our Jesus People Book Club. For a $25 tax-deductible 
donation or more per month, to help us supply free literature 
worldwide, we will send you a quality Christian book every month. 
We have the best information available on cults and current 
Christian issues and doctrine. We have books on every subject, 
doctrines, Christian living, cults and occult. Too many to list. 
Contact us for a certain subject, for example Mormonism, and we 
will tell you what we have and what size of donation we must 
have for the book, or materials. Contact us with your specific
questions and requests.

Jesus People Newsletter
Our newsletters are available in bulk orders: 50 copies for $30;
100 copies for $45. Mini-bulk order: 10 copies for $5.00. We pay
all shipping costs on bulk orders. Prices are for U.S. only. If 
you live in the United States and would like to obtain a free 
newsletter write to us at 4338 3rd Ave, Sacramento, CA 95817 or 
e-mail us at jesuspeoplemin[at]sbcglobal[dot]net with your 
request.-- No phone calls for this offer.
We have been exposing Religious Cults for over four decades.
We are a nonprofit religious research library.
We are a non-profit Christian publisher. We print our own 
magazines and religious tracts.